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La Fleur Artisane

pink flower | mug

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This is a model picture of the piece you will receive. No two are the same — this is what makes every piece different and unique. 

All my pieces are made by hand - this means it takes a significant amount of time to make and hand paint each piece.


Approx. 300 ml | 10 oz

The materials used to create my pieces are food safe, non-toxic and lead free.

All pieces are made from the highest quality clay and glaze sourced in Canada, Italy, Spain, and USA. 

All the pieces in this collection are made from porcelain clay. Each piece is fired twice in my little studio using a kiln. The pieces in this collection have a smooth feel to them.

Made In Canada

Care Instructions
All pieces are microwave safe and dishwasher safe.
It is recommended to hand wash your pieces to prolong their life.